1.What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an art of curing disease simply by touching on the surface of the skin using a fine needle or the fingertip. China follows this system for more than 8000 years.
The deficient (stagnancy) in the meridians (energy flow path) of the internal organs is disease. Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis identifies the center of deficiency and then the chosen acupuncture point, by touching, relieves the disease. Acupuncture helps the body in its natural process of getting relieved from disease.

2. Acupuncture is inserting many needles and giving electric current to the body. Is it correct?

As already said, touching in only one or two energy points by a fine needle or the fingertip is Acupuncture treatment. To be accurate the real acupuncture is, treating only by using the fingertip. As, metal needles were not discovered in the earliest days of Acupuncture.
When, Acupuncture system spread to other countries from China, it transformed according to the condition and requirement of those regions. Countries like America and Britain completely commercialized Acupuncture when it reached them. Patients became as customers to make business. The result – Electrical Stimulators, Computer Meridian Diagnosis, Supplementary foods viz. Medicines, Blood Circulative Massagers, etc., came into the Market. Acupuncture has nothing to do with these items.

3.Is treatment required daily?

It is not necessary. Treatment given once in 7-15 days gives good recovery.

4.Skipping the treatment once or twice, will it harm?

The intensity of the disease in reduced in every treatment. Skipping the treatment once or twice does not reduce the improvement already received. However, continue the treatment.

5. Approximately, how long will it take to know the difference in the body?

For few, from the day treatment started. Some will note the change suddenly after 4 or 5 weeks.

6. What is the period for cure for a disease in Acupuncture?

There is cure no doubt. You will feel better after few treatments. It is advisable to take treatment until the condition of the body improves satisfactorily. The conditions of the body of all the patients are not unique. Therefore, treatment period varies according to the condition of the individuals.

7.Do you have any diet control in Acupuncture treatment?

There is no diet control.

8.Should we bring all the test reports taken by us in Allopathy system?

It is good for nothing. Acupuncture treatment does not require it. In human body, energy change takes place followed by chemical change. Your test reports only identify these chemical changes.
It is useless to analyze the ever-changing chemical changes, as it cannot stabilize nor detect the energy change. Spending millions of Rupees in numerous tests for the whole body is a wasteful exercise for it does not help any treatment.

9. Without taking tests how do we know we have cured?

It is so easy. Patients tell some difficulties. When problems and difficulties reduce they say, “Its better”. No tests are required after this. The patients’ brain can be believed cent percentage.
What it says is only true. Diagnosing equipment, machines and tests cannot equal a human sence.

10. It is said that the intensity of the disease increase initially and then decrease, is it true?

Yes, some patients may have it. Consider this a good sign. For example, a patient’s phlegm increases in the lungs and he coughs. In this phlegm is the disease. Cough is a symptom/ action of the body to eliminate phlegm.
During treatment cough gets increase in some patients and phlegm eliminates. This is the only way to get cure. The phlegm produced in the body, transforms and eliminates. When not done increases cough. It is a positive change!

11. Presently, we are taking drugs and medicines for our treatments. Can we continue these drugs along with Acupuncture treatment?

Discarding drugs and medicines is the best option. Drugs block the symptoms of the disease from reaching the brain and nervous system. It does not reduce the disease.
Disease grows unchecked and uncontrolled underneath without showing any symptoms. So, stopping drugs does not harm. At least we will know the condition of the disease.

12. We do not see any improvement in the body even after taking six or eight sittings. Then, is the treatment useless?

Very few have this condition. Those with less energy state (immune energy) take few months to show changes. Sure, Acupuncture does activate them. They will be relieved from the disease suddenly without notice.

13. Particularly who can get benefits in this treatment?

Men and women in all age group i.e. from newborn babies to elderly persons will get benefit completely from this treatment.

14. A patient having say 10 problems informs only five of them. The untold difficulties will it get cure?

This is the specialty in Acupuncture pulse diagnosis. The said and unsaid problems of the patients are all the symptoms of one disease. All the symptoms subsidizes on its own, when treatment is given after identifying the root cause and the diseased organ by Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis.

15. Can we take drugs for any fever or headache during Acupuncture treatment?

It is not required. We know that waste stagnate, will develop in the body when it is not properly eliminated is disease. When the immune system (immune energy) is strengthened during Acupuncture treatment, it eliminates wastes i.e., fever or headache occurs.
This denotes treatment method is functioning well. So, when fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea occurs food should not be taken until these difficulties reduces. This uneasiness will reduce on its own.

16. What are the diseases that are cured in Acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture philosophies’ that all diseases are curable. There is complete scope for this in acupuncture treatment.

17. For women, during menstrual periods can they take treatment?

Of course, treatment during the menstrual cycle will also help in relieving all difficulties in those periods.

18. How do you analyze the condition of the disease by Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis?

The energy for the function of vital organs, is it available? Which organ is getting insufficient energy? What is required to balance it? We can understand all these details in seconds! Pulse diagnosis balances the energy flow and Acupuncture depletes the condition of the disease.

19.Can mental diseases (psychosomatic disorders) get cure in Acupuncture?

Of course, there is cure. Mental diseases are not related to brain. Brain, reflects the imbalance in exertion of the internal organs.
Say a person with heavy appetite hears distress news. His desire to eat diminishes immediately. Stomach losses its function when the rest of the organs like heart, lungs and kidneys still working well. i.e., mental difficulties like grief, worry are related to the disorder of stomach.
Same manner, anxiety brings heaviness in chest. Sobbing brings shortness of breath. Sobbing increased by anxiety is related to the problem of lungs. Children feared discharge urine. Kidneys under-activity is related to fear.
When there is deficiency of energy in the organs, there is change in the mental behaviors. This is the initial stage of the disease. We can cure disease of this stage that develops in an organ in the latter stage.
This is another specialty in Acupuncture.

20. Modern medicine scientifically is fast developing. What is your opinion?

A small example will convince you. Modern medicine can cure a disease in 2 days that took 10 days in the past is advancement. If modern medicine administers one or two drugs instead of high potency multiple drugs prescribed earlier is worthy mentioning.

Some years back there are so many tests to be taken for diagnosis but now tests are few, then it can be considered as scientific development. So far, medicines brought side effects.
Now those problems are solved, we can satisfy as sign of progress.
In reality, what we see and experience is contradictory.

21. What is disease? Kindly can you brief it?

Human body has the potential to self-sustain. The body can rectify even the smallest problems caused by atmospheric changes like climatic reasons even before we know it.
Violating natural laws is the beginning of disease. Hungry but not taking food, taking food but there is no hunger, eating more than required, working when you need rest, unhealthy food habits are against natural laws. In addition to that smoking, alcohol and other bad habits increases disease. All these causes stagnates waste in the internal organs. This is the first stage of the disease.
By nature, the stagnated wastes come out. This process in the body condition should be helped out instead if we indulge against nature; the stagnated waste develops and spoils the function of organ pertaining to it. This is the second stage of the disease. It is in this stage that we get bodily symptoms.
Further, due to unhealthy foods and habits, disease developed will damage the internal organs. Administering chemical drugs then worsen the condition of the organs. It is in this final stage, allopathy with their scanning and x-rays diagnose symptom of disease and remove the affected parts. Even then, you will not cure from the disease. Organ transplanted also develop same problems as the waste stagnated affects it too.

Transplanting and removing is not the permanent solution.
Removing fully the stagnated waste from the body is the permanent solution for cure.

22. Is there any cure for hereditary diseases?

Kidneys play an important role in development and growth of the genital organs and the offspring. The activity against the mother’s nature during pregnancy reduces the energy of the kidneys. Chemical drugs, unnatural foods taken during pregnancy further damage the kidneys.
During this stage, the foetus grows with weak organs. The under-activity of these organs in later stage transforms into hereditary diseases. Acupuncture treatment for problems during pregnancy, removes hereditary diseases as well as pave the way for normal and pleasurable childbirth.

23. Can Acupuncture cure BP (Blood Pressure)?

BP can be cured easily as it is not at all a disease. Blood flow increases to restore damage in any organ. It is impossible without increased heart rate and BP. High blood pressure should indicate that there is damage in some organ.
That organ can be easily identified by Pulse Diagnosis. By balancing its necessary energy, high blood pressure reduces thereby restoring normal heart rate and BP.
Example, legs, hands and face swells for problem in kidneys.
Now, blood pressure develops. When gas problem increases in stomach BP also increases.
BP increases when Liver gets damage due to alcohol. Therefore, we can understand that BP is not a heart disease.
It is necessary that heart rate and blood pressure have to increase until the difficulties in any organ inside the body subsidize.
Contradictorily modern medicine considers BP as a heart disease. They manipulate, to reduce the heart rate and BP against its nature. This is the reason for BP getting higher and higher even while patients take drugs regularly. Difficulties in the organ concerned get worse due to this Allopathic treatment. In a period, heart’s energy reduces due to its prolonged hyperactive activity.
Result fatal.
A very important ideology of modern medicine, as quoted by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine is, “Not to harm a patient in the first place”. However, in modern practice it is exactly the opposite.

24. Kindly let us know whether Diabetes get cure in Acupuncture?

First, let us know what Diabetes is. Only then, we can understand there is treatment.
Modern medicine says that less insulin secreted by the pancreas is the cause for Diabetes. Why does insulin reduction occur all of a sudden? When the rest of the secretions in the body functioning well, insulin alone reduce why? Earlier diabetes was a one in million disease. How it has become a fearful killer disease now? Only reply modern medicine has is, “still not known, it is under research!”

Acupuncture easily puts forth the reason for Diabetes and the treatment for it.
The end-product glucose, gained by our unhealthy food habits and under-activity of digestive organs is poor in quality. We know that in cholesterol there is high density (good) and low density (bad), the same we have in glucose too.
The secretion of insulin is determined by the quality of glucose got by digestion. The insulin secretion reduces by half when the quality of glucose gets half by digestion. Insulin secretion goes on reducing when the quality of glucose gets poor and poor.
The poor quality glucose is removed by the kidneys as urine from blood. Poorer the glucose more the urine discharge.
Heavy appetite and reduction in body weight happens. Urine discharges the poor quality glucose. Artificially when drugs and medicines stop this poor quality glucose Liver followed by kidneys collapse gradually. Human immune system cannot be suppressed or controlled into accepting or tolerating any foreign DNA or proteins like drug insulin longtime.
The basic reason for Diabetes is the increase in poor quality glucose available in the blood. Acupuncture treatment controls and balances the digestion (energy restored by the under-acting digestive organs) by fully discharging poor quality glucose as urine.
Body then gets good quality glucose. Health regains as insulin secretion increases naturally.

25. Nowadays, knee pain is a common problem faced by many. Modern medicine says the knee joint has torn out. Can Acupuncture cure in this stage?

Surely, there is no wear in the knee joint. The state of functional energy and under-activity of the tendons connecting the joints is the cause of pain. By giving treatment the energy of the tendons are restored and the pain is relieved fully.

26. Why do tumors formed in liver, ovaries, uterus, glands, etc., can Acupuncture cure this?

The waste produced in the body stagnates in the form of harmful gas and water. It transform with respect to the organs it reach. Watery substance turns into fibroids and tumors. Heat stagnates in these tumors. This trapped heat energy alarmingly grows the cells and tissues – this is unnatural.
These tumors grow and burst into cancer cysts. Administering chemical drugs, laser treatment or surgery to reduce the cancer cysts – increases only the gravity of the problem and helps spreading it faster (we do see this around us). The trapped heat energy has to circulate only then the tumors break and diminish. Acupuncture treatment clears these tumors fully.

27. Vaccines like D.P.T Diphtheria, Polio, and Tetanus), oral polio, typhoid, cholera, small pox are really protecting us from the above disease. Can you disclaim it?

Vaccines does not develop the immune energy, rather weakens the immune energy. We are still seeing the ‘affected’ even after administering the vaccines. Vaccines do not give the guarantee for protection from the disease.
Researchers are opposing the idea right from the day vaccines where developed. Modern medicine until now has no idea for the cause of above-mentioned diseases. There are so many drugs for Polio. The drug administered for polio in India is not at all acceptable to the American medical practitioners.
Confusions of this nature are common within the medical scientists. Even before clearing these contradictions taking the same drugs without hesitation is sear nonsense.
All vaccines contain toxic chemicals, DNA from animal tissue & aborted fetuses and foreign proteins in the form of either live or dead viruses or bacteria. Vaccine technology is based on science that is over 200 years old and which says vaccines “safely stimulate an immune response”. Today’s advanced science states that this is impossible! – (ref. K.N.O.W. vaccine awareness of Florida)
The Human immune system will not accept or tolerate any foreign DNA or proteins to trick, suppress or control it. It always involves a killer reaction upon the foreign invader. (This phenomenon referred as auto-immune-disease).

28. How does Acupuncture vary from modern medicine?

The complaints of the patient are the symptom of the disease. Symptom itself is considered as disease and treatment is given by modern medicine. Where as, Acupuncture finds the root cause of the disease and rectifies the symptom as well as the disease completely.
Let us take a patient with headache. Modern medicine first administers analgesic drugs. Then with no relief searches the cause of headache by investigating or scanning inside the head in vain.
Nevertheless, what the truth is? Head is not the cause for headache. Headache may be due to problems in spleen and stomach. Liver and gall bladder difficulties may cause headache.
Heart and pericardium due to their misconducting of heat may cause headache.
Kidneys and urinary bladder functioning problems may cause headache. Still the following also cause headaches: less sleep, constipation, not taking food while you are hungry, taking excess food than required, etc.
Investigating the head will not show or cure the headache that appeared for one or other reasons mentioned above. The waste stagnated in some parts of the internal organs shows symptom on the surface of the body. Removing one or two of the symptoms does not relieve it from the disease. Modern medicine only searches the cause of disease outside the body. Where as Acupuncture searches inside and rectifies it.

29. Fine, disease cures, can we prevent it?

We should take care of our eating habits. That is food does not cause disease but the way we eat, cause disease. We should eat food (by chewing), only when we have an appetite.
Drink water (sipping), only for thirst. When there is an unpleasant feeling, stop eating. Stuffing the stomach should be avoided. Food at night should be simple and less (avoid late night food).

30. Why do this amazing treatment not famous within the public?

It is because of the less capableness of the Acupuncture Doctors. The father of Acupuncture Dr. Wo. Wei.Ping quotes “a single needle, placed on the skin surface should free the body from ten thousand maladies”. Acupuncture has the scope to cure any disease. The subject is conceptual and thought provoking.
The success of an acupuncture practitioner depends entirely upon his capacity to apply his mind to this highly perceptual and meditative subject to the extent that he is guided into the treatment mode by intuition.
Where as, those acupuncture practitioners who does not understand, confuse in the mode of treatment as also get confused. Using more number of needles, electric current or equipment for their treatment, they bring shame to this drugless treatment by giving drugs and supportive foods in the name of treatment. If we achieve even 1% of the scope in Acupuncture, we can reach the whole world. We are putting our effort only on this.
Save world without disease and humans from drugs.